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Nemanja Nikolic

Double Noir, Sketch for one erasable plot

Vidéo | hdv | noir et blanc | 4:4 | Serbia | 2016

Double Noir is a video animation made of 60 sequences relating a man pursuing his own double. Each sequence is made of drawings realized with white chalk and pastel on wood blackboards. Altogether there are circa 1800 drawings. But just the last drawing stay visible on the surface of each sequence, as an indice of that sequence. The iconic character of this project is Humphrey Bogart whose various figures are inspired by 19 black movies.

Born in Serbia in 1987, Nemanja Nikoli? currently lives and works in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of painting (2010), and received his PHD in art studies at the same faculty in 2019. He won several awards, such as Award for drawing from Vladimir Veli?kovi? Fund, special award for mural and wall installation from Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB and Award for an exceptional creative innovation from Miloš Baji? Fund. Since 2010 his works have been exhibited on numerous exhibitions and festivals in Serbia and abroad such as the Art Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade, the Youth House of Belgrade, the Gallery of Rome in Kragujevac, 57th October Salon in Belgrade curated by Gunar and Danielle Kvaran and 56th October Salon curated by David Elliott, KunstlerHaus in Wien, Austria, Caixa Forum in Barcelona and Madrid (« Cinema and painting », curated by Dominique Païni, Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort NL(« Chalk » curated by Judith van Meeuwen). He currently has a solo show at the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro. His works figure in many public and private collections including Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, Ekard collection in Wassenaar, NL, ABN AMRO Amsterdam, NL, WAP Art Foundation in Seoul, JSM collection in Paris, Telenor Collection and collection of Sumatovacka Center for Art Education, both in Belgrade Nemanja Nikoli?