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Andrés Pachón

Sombras de Nueva Guinea

Doc. expérimental | | | 1:50 | Espagne | 2011

In 1964 Robert Gardner filmed the documentary ?Dead Birds?, this film explored the Dani people of New Guinea, one of the last areas in the World to be colonized at that time. Gardner was knowing for his work in visual anthropology and ethnographic documentary. ?Dead Birds? was criticized in the anthropological community for its inauthenticity, Gardner edited the sound and he recreated battle scenes. They also said that the movie did not make sense, because he broked the distance with the portrayeds. ?Shadows of New Guinea? makes a step in this inauthenticity. Andrés Pachón makes a rotoscoping (redrawn manually frame by frame) on original film`s fragments, creating shadows to the protagonists. The nature where actions are developed, the original context of New Guinea highland whose referent was recorded on camera, it becomes a huge background, a trompe l`oeil revealed by shadows. These shadows, and its consequent fictional effect, want to disclose the fantasy contained in the european imaginary of an exotic and tribal world. The shadows disclosed a background, a wall, that separates us from the ?other?.

Andrés Pachón born in 1985 in Madrid, where he currently resides. In 2008 he was graduated in Fine Arts from the UCM. Since 2005 he has been selected in several national contests, among them being prize "e-Crea 2010", Lleida, purchase prize 2012 in the "V International Prize Foundation María José Jove", Galicia, and finalist of the "Premi Miquel Casablancas" 2013 Barcelona. In 2010 he was part of the exhibition "Drug of the real" in Angeles Baños Gallery, Badajoz, gallery that currently represents him. In 2012 he has his first solo exhibition in Angeles Baños Gallery, entitled "In Memoriam". He has participated in international fairs such as "ArteSantander 2010", "JustMad 4", where he was finalist in the best emerging artist award, or "ARCO 2014". Also he has shown his photographs and videos on Berlin, ?Wege ums Kino? exhibition, or Lisboa, ?Que a dor nao seja mais do que uma recordaçao? exhibition. In the last year he has shown his last and fourth solo exhibition, ?Tropologías? in the Art Center of Alcobendas, Madrid; and his video works in Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, in ?VIVA Collections on Tour? show.