Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Diego Del Pozo Barriuso


Art vidéo | dv | noir et blanc | 5:6 | Espagne | 2010

Sinuous actions reflects a memory of the most important disagreements that have been pronounced by various social and political movements in different contexts. It shows different strategies of these movements using disguises and changes of indentity in order to get their goals or to put in evidence the contraditions of the system. Sinuous actions proposes a set of multiple clashes. Not only for the use of two screens but for showing different types of masks which operate on different levels of power (patriarchal heteronormativity, globalization, intolerance for ideas policies,...). At the same time this work visualizes unconscious gestures of any person which present different ways of hiding. We can hide ourself, by imposed cause or by incidental situation. These gestures could suggest different ways of understanding and changing subjectivities from individual position to collectives positions.

Diego del Pozo Barriuso lives and works in Madrid. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Art in Salamanca and Madrid, and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Artist and cultural producer, he develops projects about the social production of the body and identity. His work is based on his concern about affection and desire and the way in which these emotions, associated with subjective, private experience are conditioned by our social environment, by power and by production methods. His work is based on the idea that social control mechanisms are interiorised by individuals, and he shows how the cracks in these tools of power come into conflict and create contradictions within us. He also works with the group C.A.S.I.T.A. ( His work forms part, among other collections, of the collection of the MUSAC of León, Spain, and of the collection of DA2, the Centre of Contemporary Art of Salamanca, Spain.