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Gonzalo Cueto

Your life belongs to me

Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 3:30 | Chili | 2012

Your Life Belongs to mee. It is a diptych Video where we can visualize a house where food is sold to the passage in the Chilean Altiplano. On the left, near the house, we see an endless caravan of trucks have been stranded almost motionless on the border between Chile and Bolivia. Meanwhile the soundtrack corresponds to the direct sound is heard from the house where his lonely inhabitant remains invisible.

Gonzalo Cueto. 1973, Chile. Master of Contemporary Art Theory and Practice by the U. Complutense de Madrid 2007. Work preferably between video and direct action, highlighting a line of work critically explores contextual significance and symbolic systems that affect the representation and political construction and subjective reality of contemporary place for observation and creation between the edges of progress and capitalism. He has exhibited in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Germany and Chile, where he also received scholarships for his artistic production.