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Brit Bunkley

Oil Petals (Pillar of Cloud)

Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 3:42 | Nouvelle-Zélande | 2015

Oil, ghost towns and dust devils are aligned as tropes of climate change. Tornado-like dust devils, as canaries in the coal mine, are increasingly common in hot, barren deserts and in drought stricken areas of the world. I imagined spilling flower petals into the path of dust devil so that it would create a colorful vortex of swirling petals. I recently found a few dust devils during each of my 3 trips to the California desert, but they are fast, dissipate quickly and mostly too far off the road to catch…always just ahead of my car. When I was ready to give up looking after my third desert trip and was focusing my camera on abandoned school, a well-formed small dust devil appeared about 10 meters to my right. I turned my camera on a tripod towards it, snatched a bag of flower petals that I had bought at LA`s flower district and ran into the small vortex dumping the contents. It grabbed the petals and dumped them over a nearby road.

Brit Bunkley is a New Zealand based artist whose current art practice includes public art, sculpture, installation, and video. He designs his work using digital 3D modelling, video and image editing programs… emphasising majestic landscapes, human revelry and an oblique sense of apocalyptic anxiety tempered with whimsy and irony. Brit is represented in numerous international collections and has completed a dozen permanent and temporary public art projects. He is a recipient of a New York State Fellowship grant, a New York State Council on the Arts project grant, a USA National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and the American Academy Rome Prize Fellowship. He has completed more than a dozen temporary and permanent public art projects including the commission Hear My Train in Wanganui, New Zealand completed in 2012 and a public screening at the Oslo Central Station, Oslo Screen Festival in collaboration with Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo, Norway autumn 2013. Recent international group exhibitions and screenings include 2015 at the SESI` Cultural Centre Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Berlin International Director’s Lounge 2014 and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Bunkley’s most recent solo exhibition, The Happy Place opened at the Sanderson Contemporary Art, Auckland, NZ November 2014.