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Calin Man, calin man

5 ready media files by Vasile Carlova

Netart | hdv | couleur | 11:27 | Roumanie | 2012

5 ready media files by Vasile Carlova film by calin man a.k.a. reVoltaire duration: 11:27 min year: 2012 a project initiated by Ion Dumitrescu and Stefan Tiron based on unused soundtrack by Rodion and rare footage by reVoltaire and Zsiga Ioan. dedicated to the fabulous poet Vasile Carlova. track list: 1_ Trip departure. {Marșul oștirei române / Romanian Military March} 2_ La Debel A Gora. {Înserarea / Eventide} 3_ Carnival in Sanicolaul Mic. {Ruinurile Târgoviștii / Ruins of Târgoviște} 4_ Heroes: Jakob & Johann Schmeltzer and A Short Visit At The Shoe Factory "Libertatea" . {Rugăciune / Prayer} 5_kapet. {Păstorul întristat / The sad shepherd} * Vasile Carlova 1809 - 1831 - romanian poet. he wrote only 5 poems: 1. Romanian Military March; 2. Eventide; 3. Ruins of Târgoviște; 4. Prayer; 5 .The sad shepherd. * Rodion SA - experimental new wave band with no albums released (early 80`s). * Zsiga Ioan - amateur filmmaker from Sanicolaul Mic (late 60`s). * Mikalaka Aesotheric and Second Administration - part of Esoth Eric project (since 2000) by calin man * the term ready media was coined by reVoltaire / kinema ikon (1995)

calin man b.: 1961; place of residence: Arad, Romania. education: B.A. in literature, Timisoara University, Romania; chief-editor and designer of intermedia magazine; member of kinema ikon group. work and interactive installations exhibited at: Venice Biennial, Centre Pompidou, Sao Paulo Biennial, FILE Sao Paulo, EMAF Osnabrueck, ISEA Liverpool and Paris, Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, Cornell University NY, d>art Sydney etc.