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Crispin Gurholt

Live Photo III

Art vidéo | dv | couleur | 15:53 | Norvège | 2008

"It`s like you`ve got yesterday, today and tomorrow in the same room. There is no telling what can happen" This line from the Award-winning film "I`m not there", about the life of Bob Dylan, conveys the same sense of a melding of time and place, and the uncertainty of what may happen, that defines Crispin Gurholt`s Live Photo... (Selene Wendt)

born 1965 in Oslo, Norway. Norwegian photo, installation and video artist. Education: Einar Granum Art School, Oslo Drawing and painting school. Was apprenticed to Odd Nerdrum (1992). Educated at the National Art Academy (1993-98) and New York University (Film School 1996). Gurholt is best known for his vivid tableaus "Live Photo", in which he problematized the relationship between reality and what`s beyond what we see. He makes use of the media`s language and exposes the often unpleasant situations, emotions and conditions. His works have been exhibited in Venice, Rome, Madrid, Paris, the Henie Onstad Art Centre, Art Copenhagen, Stenersen Museum, Vigeland Museum, the North Norwegian Art Museum and Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum. He has also produced a series of music videos, including for the rock band Turbonegro.