Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Maximiliano Parlagreco, Micaela Pinalli

Yo La Tengo

VR expérimental | 0 | couleur | 0:0 | Argentine | 2018

When the Lumière brothers invented the cinematograph in 1985, they quickly understood that the spectator's curiosity was aroused by the mere reflection of reality: people were flabbergasted at watching situations that they usually took for granted, such as a train arriving at a station or workers leaving a factory. In this piece we scanned objects and environments which make up our conception of reality and placed them in a virtual space by using photogrammetry, a 3D reconstruction technique. We allow the users to experience a twist on the conception of time and space they are used to by altering the dimensions of the scans, placing them on new positions, and embracing the errors that occur when capturing reality. The result is an absurdly atypical territory which can be navigated via teleportation as if it were a new planet. The spectator is physically circumscribed to a narrow perimeter but virtually the limits become fuzzy and elusive, every direction is equivalent and their individual and uniqueexploration will force them to reflect on the nature of virtual reality.

Maximiliano Parlagreco is an audiovisual design student (FADU, UBA) who’s interested in the impact of technology on society and the fuzzy line which divides reality from virtuality. He has employed photography, video, creative coding and digital animations in an experimental way to create navigable universes which are slightly different from the one we live in. Lately he’s ventured both in the field of virtual and augmented reality, as well as that of artificial intelligence, exploring the human-machine symbiosis that occurs in these devices. Micaela Pinalli is an audiovisual design student (FADU, UBA) who has worked in analogue and digital found footage creation with a great interest in montage and the way accidental interactions between shots creates a meaning. She currently develops projects ranging from interactive and graphic design to photography and animation. Since June 2019 she's been running the independent publisher Cuarto Ciego, where she creates and sells artistic graphic pieces.