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Lishan Liu

Product ( VIDEO ) LISHAN ™

Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 2:20 | USA | 2018

Product ( VIDEO ) LISHAN ‘ is a series of three 30-second pseudo-ads by re-situating the 3 electronic devices for personal healthcare and beauty(a Clarisonic facial brush, a Philips air flosser and a Braun epilator) and interrupting the normal working of the “œmachinesâ”. The videos, loosely following the structure and aesthetic of the original product commercials, are aesthetically pleasing and entertaining. Subsequently, It entails the seductive irony of interwoven relationship among several spheres of commercial aesthetics, techno-fetishism and narcissism in contemporary consumerism. This series of videos has once shown in a screening in SVA Theater and arranged to play in between other artists` work, which functioned as TV commercials in terms of form. It conveys the artistâ’s satirical commentary on the attention span and art production strategies.

Liu makes video-based work. Her highly personal artistic practice, with a constant approach of de/recontextualization and conceptualization, reflects the globalized cultural environment accelerated by Internet (Techno-culture, consumption culture, pop culture and so on). Liu graduated from MFA Photography, Video and Related Media at School of Visual Arts. She has exhibited her work in both China and the US including Vacuum Gallery, Beijing(2017); Poor Image Art Center, online(2016); Rabbithole, New York; Flux Factory(2016); Fei Gallery, Guangzhou(2015); Shenzhen New Media Art Festival at The Value Factory(2014); Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou(2014); Today Art Museum, Beijing(2014) and etc.