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Roberto Fassone

Jeg Er Enorme Jævler

Performance | hdv | couleur | 37:30 | Italie | 2016

“Jeg Er Enorme Jaevler I” is a video about the human incapability of expressing accurately their deepest feelings. It’s also a joint about depression, satanism, revenge and payback time. There is a lot of good music in it: Black Metal, Rap, Witch House and Bon Jovi. It’s full of 3d animations, texts and found footage too.

Lives and works in Asti. He makes works that explore and question the processes and the strategies regulating the production of contemporary artworks. In 2012 he created sibi, an instructions generator for the production of potential artworks. The software has been tested in workshops in collaboration with Universities and art institutions. In 2014 he presented Jeg Er Enorme Jaevler I, a 90 minutes movie in two parts and a performance. He has exhibited and performed his work at Carroll/Fletcher, London, ZHdK, Zurich, MARS Gallery, Melbourne, MAMbo, Bologna and Link Cabinet among many others. He was part of the Jury Selection of the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival and he has been recently selected for the Live Work Performance Act Award in Fies (Dro).