Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Pedro Maia De Brito, Aiano Bemfica, Camila Bastos, Cris Araújo

conte isso àqueles que dizem que fomos derrotados

Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 23:0 | Brésil | 2018

synopsis: our lights shows us the way (or, the night is time to struggle) presentation: The film tell this to those who say we’ve been defeated stems from a collective process of organization and development in whose nature lies the instrumental excellence of words. However, what we address here is a different moment in this process, in which the layers of sound, resulting from concrete body actions, lead us, by means of what is unseen, to a greater sensorial understanding of the issue at hand—it is the exchange of meaning for feeling as the path to hearts and minds. To this end, we pored over MLB’s archive for about six weeks to better understand the latent aesthetic powers of that heterogeneous amalgam of images and sounds. By imposing a few rules on the archive research, we were able to first define the material that would compose the film, to then shape it as idea and gesture.

Recife (BR), 1990 Lives and works in Recife and Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. Filmmaker and visual artist, studied Film Direction at the Fundación Universidad del Cine (FUC-Argentina), but then dropped out of it, attending the Documentary Practice and Video at the Centro de Formación Profesional of the S.I.C.A. (Union of the Argentine Film Industry). His interests are in the intersections between documentary practices, archive, performativity and theater applied to contemporary cinema and media supports. It has been lately relating it to the resistance communities of popular struggles and social movements. Is artistic director and curator of the Transterritorial Films Festival, in Recife – BR. Also works as cinematographer, film editor and film researcher. His work has been exhibited and awarded in several festivals such as the Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, Brasília, Nantes, Beijing, Belo Horizonte, Recife, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Concepción, Ciudad de Mexico. In 2018, was awarded with the prize of the 13th Rucker Vieira Documentary Screenplay Contest and in 2019 with the Sesc Award for Contemporary Art at the 21st Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil.