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Anibal Catalan


Vidéo | dv | couleur | 3:10 | Mexique | 2009

Babel is a video taken with a cellphone camera. A scafolding its being constructed over the roof of some building without any apparent reason. The idea of contemplation its a fundamental principal in my video works , Babel its made from basic video tools, like cell pone cameras and photo digital cameras, the video was editing from this small cuts during a week, showing the process of construction as a methaphore of how the cities and its usuaries grows, get empowerment or loss everything in a second. The title Babel comes from the ancient history of the tower, in many ways big metrópolis and its biggest owners such as: enterprises, coorporations, goverments, and privates are represented trough the idea of high and big towers or construcrions to reflect their power, making this as a global and in some occasions a trendy effect.

Anibal Catalan was born in 1973 in the small Mexican village of Iguala. He attended the School of Architecture at Anahuac University, Mexico City (1993-1997) and earned his MFA from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda, Mexico City (2006). He has had solo exhibitions at Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (2008); Brasilea Kulturhaus, Switzerland (2006); Gallery 415, San Francisco (2007) and National Center for the Arts, Mexico City (2004). Catalan?s work has also been included in the group exhibitions Qui Vive? at I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2008); Festival Miden Kalamata, Grecce(2009), Its not Easy ,Exit Art. New York (2008); Draw In 00130 Gallery, Helsinki Finland (2008); VIII Biennial Monterrey FEMSA, San Idelfonso Museum, Mexico City (2007); Shangri L.A. Architecture as a State of Flux, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica CA. (2009) and Mexi-Cali Biennial 09-10, Los Angeles (2009). His works are represented in collections such as: Artists Pension Trust APT (USA), Mexic-Arte Museum (USA), Sayago & Pardon Collection (USA), National Auditórium(MEX)