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Tbl (tallblondladies)

Flat Fall

Performance | dv | couleur | 7:45 | Allemagne | 2009

In front of a gray curved concrete wall two women, dressed in football shoos, corsets and panties are jumping. The different rhythms that they jump, produces a soundscape as the metal spikes are hitting the tarmac ground. The women move along the wall, they turn and move back, they turn again and so on.

TBL (TallBlondLadies) is a Swedish/German performance duo between Anna Berndtson and Irina Runge. Since its start in 2003 TBL is a significant part of both their artistic work. TBL works with the image of woman. They use different female types found in our society and through combination of materials they create collages of female metaphors. TBL are not working out of the emotional but their performances derive out of the formal and the structure. All performances by TBL are placed in basic forms. In the doubling they find synchronised movement patterns. Sound is vital as part of each performance. Both sound and form are used by TBL to discover rhythm and timelessness.