Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Delgado Ramo Bruno

Una película en color

Film expérimental | super8 | couleur | 31:0 | Espagne | 2019

Based on Xavier de Maistre’s “Voyage autour de ma chambre”, it has been entirely shot withing a single room working at its relation to the camera, seen as another enclosed space. Between the camera and the walls, between the lenses and the window, between the furniture and the room, between a rock and a hard place. Some of the texts printed on the film: "I hope that I have made a film, a method [procédé]. Blue is also a method. [...] Cinema? Yes, it's a method. Red is also a method." (Marcel Broodthaers, Cinéma, p. 66) « …a thousand agreeable visions float before my eyes. Yes, there is that mansion, that door, that staircase! I thrill with expectation. / In like manner the act of slicing a lemon gives you a foretaste that makes your mouth water. / Poor animal! Take care! » (Xavier de Maistre, A Journey Round my Room, chapter XLII, p. 152 )

Bruno Delgado Ramo (Sevilla, 1991) is an experimental filmmaker, researcher and architect. Both his artistic and academic work focuses mainly on the moving image. He describes his often interdisciplinary work as research that is grounded in artistic practice. Dealing with materialistic site-specific cinema and the spatial questions involved in it, he works from a wide understanding of cinematic language.