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Nicolas boone
Fiction | 4k | color | 48'20'' | France / Senegal | 2015
In a near future, the villages of a Sub-Saharan area have all been deserted. Mad and disable people as well as child soldiers are the only ones who remain on those dry lands. In this survival atmosphere, relationships are harsh
Just graduated from Les Beaux-­Arts de Paris in 2001, Nicolas Boone directed shootings/performances, “films for once” without any recording system: his work constantly stands between direction and video recording –when, sometimes, the “simple” act of shooting makes the film itself. His work takes various forms: series (BUP, 2007/2008), feature film (codirected with Olivier Bosson: 200%, 2013), short films –sometimes gathered together to compose a whole program (Les Dépossédés, 2012)... The Vivo Art Center, in Vancouver, presented a complete retrospective of Nicolas Boone’s work in 2011. His films were selected in many international film festivals, and often awarded, such as Bailu Dream (2013;; shown in IFFRotterdam, in IndiesLisoa and in IFFJeonju this year) and Hillbrow (2014), selected in FID Marseille (France), the IFF Indies in Sao Paulo (Brazil), the IFF in Clermont-­Ferrand (France), the IFF Entrevue in Belfort (France), where it received 3 awards (Audience, One+One and Camira Prizes), the Festival du Nouveau Cinema/FNC in Montreal (Canada), where it received the grand prize (Loup argenté), the Lago Film Festival (Italy), where it won the First Prize of the Jury. In France, it also received the Grand Prize “Scribe du cinema” in 2014. In Fall 2015, it was part of a collective exhibit in « La Galerie », Noisy-­le-­Sec (France). Psalm, shot in Senegal in 2015, had been prized in FID Marseille (Prizes of the CNAP and of the Students) and screened at the RIDM, the Viennale & other venues. Bailu Dream, Hillbrow and Psalm were screened at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art (Brooklyn) in November 2015. 2015 Psaume (48’;; Gagué-­Chérif, Sénégal) Dog Over (8’;; Paris;; part of the Goethe Institute’s « Europoly » project) 2014 Hillbrow (32’;; Johannesburg) 2013 Les Dépossédés (50’;; Togo, Quebec, Paris) Le Rêve de Bailu (12’;; Bailu – China) 2010 200% (80’;; Saint-­Fons – France) 2009 Transbup (51’;; Ardèche – France) 2008/07 Série BUP (10’ each of the 9 episodes – France) 2006 La Transhumance fantastique (54’;; Dordogne – France) 2005 La Nuit blanche des morts-­vivants (30’;; Paris) Portail (40’;; Région Centre – France) 2004 Fuite (7 x 7’;; Lorraine – France) Plage de Cinéma (14’;; Nord – France) 2003 Lost Movie (11’;; Pontoise – France) 2002 Un film pour une fois (15’;; Paris)