To sign up, please fill in the form below. Accreditation and badge request for the next Rencontres Internationales in Paris is open until January 5, 2021.
Apply now for your accreditation or badge to discover the new programme of the Rencontres Internationales in Paris in 2021
90% of the program will be presented in French, European and international première: thematic screenings, panorama, carte blanche, performances, VR, associated exhibitions, off-site visits, forum and panel discussions.

Accreditations and badges offer many benefits during the Rencontres Internationales, including full access to the programme and the video library, invitations to opening nights and special events, informational material and much more.

Deadline: January 5, 2021
Accreditation and Pro Pass
Accreditation/professional pass - only for press and professionals - grants priority access to the entire Rencontres Internationales programme (within the seating capacity): screenings, concerts, video library, etc.
These passes are strictly personal and have names printed on them.
Every request is submitted for approval to the departments concerned.

Accreditation is free.
It grants priority access to free-entry screenings and events, and complimentary tickets to paid screenings and events.
Press, programmed artists, guests, cultural institutions, professionals attending the event from abroad, and others.

A Pro Pass can be purchased for 50 euros.
It grants priority access to free-entry screenings and events, complimentary tickets to paid screenings and events, and access to the video library for the duration of the event.

Badges for students, teachers and young audience members
School groups, individual students (enrolled in middle school, high school, university, art school, film school, or other student programs) and their teachers can benefit from many free advantages, such as a personal welcome, an educational resources pack, access to the consultation area, and priority access to the closing night event.

Only the following people can apply:
Students with a student card or students under 25 years of age who wish to attend one or several screenings.
Teachers who wish to attend one or several screenings with a group of at least 4 students.

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