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Alice colomer-kang
J.M Mondésir
Experimental doc. | hdv | color | 24'0'' | France / | 2012
A housing project that seems more like an amphitheater, bears witness to a sacrifice. In 2002, Georges Mondesir dies after an encounter with the police. He`s crazy, or just simple-minded. When face to face with the police, Mondesir is the Other. It?s the underlying ancestral struggle between this duo that interests Alice Colomer. It never becomes a documentary about death. It?s a ballet from which only the camera is free to escape. Slow motion defies realism, several perspectives intertwine ? these bring about the impression that something had happened.
Alice Colomer-Kang born in 1985 in Paris, she lives and works in Paris. She graduated from ?Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris? in November 2011, and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (China). 2012 Group exhibition at la Saline Royale d?Arc-et-Senans, Tranches de carré sur Tranches de cerles (ENSBA-ENS), with Lekh Lekha installation. 2011 Paris screening of One World One Dream One People, in the Festival « les nuits photographiques ».. 2007 Group exhibition at CNAM of Paris les visites dessinées.