Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Felipe esparza
Soga de muerto
Film expérimental | hdv | noir et blanc | 6'26'' | Pérou | 2014
Ayahuasca is a drink used by the Amazonian indigenous peoples, which is commonly called "medicine" to access higher states of consciousness, experimenting with different gods, emotions, fears and egos, `cures`, change habits, thoughts, emotional states . According to tradition, the ayahuasca is the rope that allows the spirit leaves the body without this die.
Graduated in Communications, specializing in audiovisual by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences. I worked in several agencies like Pragma, McCann Erickson and audiovisual production companies such as 7 Samurai and Cine 70. Film worked as assistant director in two Peruvian films. I was art director for several magazines and independent design and cultural publications in my own studio. Explore the audiovisual language, graphic design and illustration and painting. In my audiovisual work, I have been in the official selection at the Independent Film Festival of Lima (2013-2015). Insurgency displays moving: anthology of Peruvian audiovisual margins. (MALI 2013). Intermittent sample Lima Film Festival (2012). It shows at the Cultural Center Expaña (2011). Latin American projection UnionDocs for Documentary Arts (NY).