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Tatyana Zambrano, Roberto Ochoa

O.G.N. Desde las montañas de Colombia

Vidéo expérimentale | hdcam | couleur et n&b | 13:46 | Colombie | 2012

O.G.N. (Operación Gato Negro) From The Colombian Mountains is inspire by a legend that tells the story about a ?Shaman? that provides a power to a Guerilla Rebel to become in a black cat and camouflage himself from the enemy and the militaries forces. Is a leftist and rarely known Colombian story, although ?El Monojojoy? was a high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and one of the most pursued objective in the guerrilla organization. In 2010 on 22nd of September, this Guerrilla leader was hunted down by the military tactic called ?Sodoma?, because the long and exhaustive mission called ?Operación Gato Negro? in english ?Black cat military operation? since 2001 through 2010 could not trapped him.

Tatyana Zambrano, born in 1982, Medellin-Colombia. Actually lives in Medellin Colombia, finishing the 9th semester of Visual arts in University of Antioquia, used to live and study cinema and videoart in Mexico City at the UNAM-Mexico. Graduated in publisher in 2006, has been working as a teacher and graphic/creative web designer. The artwork has been recognized with the major Colombian Culture National award in visual arts in 2011 and the major departmental award, student?s category in 2012 Colombia. Also, has been participating in a several expositions and international festivals of videoart. See more in