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Liina Siib

Mass Line: Office 1

Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur et n&b | 12:41 | Estonie, Suède | 2013

Mass Line: Office 1 is a karaoke video produced for the large scale performance Mass Line at the Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö. Mass Line merges China and the western world?s political ideologies to a peculia, thorough analysis and practice-oriented observation of systems, prohibitions and orders, both big as well as small ones. Mass Line is distinctly political but yet at the same time a highly poetic performance, where most of the part is based upon the artist?s own observations and life experience from living in a closed country. In Mass Line Liina Siib plays with big political and social systems we all have to follow in order to be part of the group. Systems whose intensions are to keep us occupied, to act correct and keep us in line. In countries with strict leadership and control system people use to perform, to be someone else in public than at home. Everyone becomes an actor ready to stage what the system expects from them, performing ideologies as one?s second nature as a wise survival tactics of everyday life. At the end it is impossible to decide what is a performance and what is not.

Liina Siib is a video and photography artist born and based in Tallinn, Estonia. She studied graphic art and photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she also earned an MA in photography. In 2002 she was in exchange at the Westminster University in London at the Photographic Studies MA course. Several of Liina Siib`s art works have a starting point in the experience of living in a both socialistic and capitalistic system, and in the antagonism that appears in shifting between two systems. In her photo, video and room installations, the artist explores various topics, ranging from femininity and social space to different representations of people?s everyday practices and daily routines. In 2011 Liina Siib represented Estonia with her project A Woman Takes Little Space at the 54th Venice Art Biennale. She has had over thirty solo exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Belgium, France, Finland and Latvia. Her works have been presented at a number of international group shows and festivals in Estonia, Europe, Asia and the USA. In October 2013 her large-scale performance Mass Line in a close collaboration with the Lilith Performance Studio was presented at the Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Sweden.