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Temra Pavlovic

On all fours

Doc. expérimental | | couleur | 6:40 | Pays-Bas, Mexique | 2013

There is a German Shepherd in Tepoztlan who guards a brick villa where the walls are painted white and the furniture is modern. In the kitchen there are people chatting, the TV is on and the German Shepherd is waiting by the door. The villa is enclosed by a wall and you can hear church singing from the mountains, especially in the garden, where there is a sprinkler, purple flowers on the lawn and a woman dressed in Baby Blue.

Temra Pavlovic was born in the Netherlands and received her BFA in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She combines documentary and fiction, and uses materials from her direct surroundings. Her work has shown in different contexts, i.e. at Otras Obras in Tijuana, the RedCat theater and Human Resources in Los Angeles and the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University. She is currently living in Mexico City, working on a series of narrative documentary scenes under the umbrella title `Soluciones,` and she is a member of the three-headed collective Oa4s.