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Matthew Garrison

Night Life

Vidéo | hdv | noir et blanc | 14:23 | USA | 2021

"Night Life" provides a glimpse into the behavior of wildlife after dark and serves as a reminder of the unwitting persistence of nature. For this piece a trail camera was moved periodically to capture various angles and shots at night throughout the seasons. The animals (mostly deer) were then framed within circles against a black background and choreographed into compositions that follow their relationships with one another while creating new interactions by compressing a year’s worth of footage into fourteen minutes. "Night Life" is a meditative portal through which a nocturnal world parallel to ours reveals the resolve of its inhabitants within an everchanging environment. In the process, our relationship to the rhythms of nature is linked to personal associations, memories and metaphors.

Matthew Garrison was born in Albany, NY, and grew up in Chicago. After living and working in New York City for eleven years, he moved to Pennsylvania to teach art and technology at Albright College. His work is exhibited and screened internationally including New York City, Korea, India, Panama, Brazil and Singapore. Garrison's art explores a dialog among intimate space, landscape and the environment.