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Hongbo Zhou

Sundays in August

Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur et n&b | 35:0 | Chine | 2021

This film is about the nature of existence and memory. Seventy years ago, on a night, a musician was shot dead on stage in a nightclub in Shanghai, a story found by a Frenchman on an old newspaper today. Although the musician was long forgotten in the history,this French gentleman makes his way to Shanghai in the hope of finding the traces of the musician's existence. In a shabby old apartment, he reads aloud the novel written by Patrick Modiano, calling the spirits that used to live here.His voice evokes the response of the Shanghai musician. All of a sudden, it seems to him as if they share the same memories, details and breath. As Modiano puts it: "there was nothing to set us apart from the others, those Sundays in August.”

Zhou Hongbo graduated from Beijing Film Academy, with a master’s degree in 1999. His graduation film, A Fish Who Wants to Fly, was selected for Cannes Film Festival 2000, Cinefondation. Since then Zhou has made several features and documentaries which were screened at various international film festival.