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Javier De Frutos

Whoever You Are

Fiction expérimentale | hdv | noir et blanc | 6:9 | Espagne | 2021

“Whoever You Are” is a cinematic adaptation of Walt Whitman's seminal poem, “Whoever You Are Holding Me Now In Hand” directed by Javier De Frutos and produced by Whoever You Are Productions. Following a lifelong scholarship and appreciation of American literature, De Frutos adapted Walt Whitman's poem into a screenplay for the film. Within “Whoever You Are”, De Frutos utilizes several different mediums of execution including dance and vocals, which he combines using his unique directorial and choreographic style blended with dexterous editing.

Shocking, sensual, raw, radical – these are words synonymous with work by Olivier award-winning director and choreographer Javier De Frutos. Renowned for creating brutal yet beautiful film and stage work, De Frutos has consistently stunned audiences with his ability to make work that not only is violently challenging, but also sears the stage and screen with its intelligence and wit. Prompted by the pandemic to expand their film-making practice, producers Paul Chantry and Rae Piper of Whoever You Are Productions, invited De Frutos to collaborate with them in creating a new short film. This collaboration sought to build on a fruitful prior relationship which Chantry had enjoyed with De Frutos, that had involved working together on several productions, two of which had been filmed for the BBC ("Eternal Damnation to Sancho & Sanchez" and "The Most Incredible Thing"). Chantry and Piper had enjoyed a longstanding relationship of 7 years collaborating with award-winning company Evenlode Films and Productions, who were additionally invited to join the project.