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Independance Day, A Work in Progress a.k.a Epilogue 1

Vidéo | 0 | couleur | 0:0 | Allemagne, Liban | 2021

An expansive landscape with mountains, a sea full of questions, a sky with helicopters hovering, and cars wrecked next to drifting ones. An apartment with white walls, covered bullet holes, and windows. A collection of family footage and recent film footage retraces a trail of a hunted memory by exploring the brutal history of the Karantina district near the port of Beirut in Lebanon, which lived through a massacre at the beginning of the Civil War. In this film, the past, present, and annual celebration of Lebanon's Independence Day are interwoven. It will remain a work in progress until further notice.

Siska born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1984, graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut with a master degree in cinema studies and film directing. Based in Berlin, Siska’s practice is often centered on archiveology examining sociopolitical narratives in relation to personal and collective pasts. His use of film language and codes of cinematography, as strategic mediations to activate an archive, allows him to experiment with new forms of storytelling and his own biography. Siska's work has been internationally exhibited, including Martin Gropius Bau, Berlinale, Paris 104, Beirut exhibition center, Mosaic rooms, gallery Imago Mundy among others.