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Iztok Klancar

Remembering the Nights In Safe Haven

Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 22:0 | Slovénie, Pays-Bas | 2020

A drag performer rendez-vous with their many personalities during the after hours. A man is taken over by his surrogate lover, made of textile. Two brothers dance in an empty nightclub. Remembering the Nights in Safe Haven (2020) is a short film in three parts. The starting point of this project is the sudden loss of nightlife due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its detrimental effect on the social fabric of queer people. The film addresses this loss by means of fantasy scenes, combined with performances and activities that would have taken place if nightlife was still alive. These fictitious events suggest a mental state of suddenly having to adapt to our new reality.

Iztok Klan?ar is a photographer, filmmaker and a teacher. Combined with atmospheric electronic music, the genre of his film work is psycho-drama, the subjective and fragmented narrative that reveals inner life and conflict. The instinctive character of his work breaks the commercial commodification of our lifestyles by revealing unique sexual personae.