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Saurav Ghimire

Barking Dogs

Fiction | 4k | couleur et n&b | 14:0 | Népal | 2020

A guy, who is alone but has free time, has trouble deciding what to do. Serendipitously, he finds an escape. Its company brings a sense of relief in his life. But one always has to find something to do next.

My name Saurav Ghimire and I am from Nepal. I have been pursuing my career in filmmaking as a director since last three years. I studied B.A. in Psychology (2017) from Tribhuvan University (Nepal). Then I completed a diploma course in Film Direction (2020) from Everest Film Academy (Nepal). During this period I made 3 short films and a graduating film. After completing my film degree, I started working in the feature length project “Gau Ayeko Bato” as an assistant director. In-between I also worked as an assistant director in a medium length project “Dolma” made under the banner of Simal Cinema. Previously, I had worked as a PR/ Social media manager (2017) for Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (Nepal).