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Michael Paulus

A View of Above

Vidéo | mov | couleur | 3:53 | USA | 2021

A reconstructed assemblage of the opening title sequence from the feature film The Shining (1980) by Stanley Kubrick, “A View of Above” was shot in reverse perspective at the actual locations used in the feature film. The original viewpoint is now inverted, looking up, and back at the ominous "eye in the sky" which shadows the yellow Volkswagen as it winds its way up the American Rockies to the Overlook Hotel. The framing, movement, and pacing of the original, feature film sequence is replicated shot by shot in duration and in relationship to the sun and weather. The intent is to recreate the original, but from an altogether different perspective: the gaze defiantly flipped, the viewer is no longer a complicit voyeur of the hapless victim.

Michael Paulus is an interdisciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. USA Exploring potential connections between often disparate relationships, his video work often attempts to reveal the hidden, censored, or unassumed in culture, cartography, mechanisms and commonplace conventions. Films and videos have screened at the NW film festival, PDX film festival, various domestic and international film festival as well as the Taipai Biennial, Scope Basel, various gallery installations and recently as part of CORE, -the Nagasaki-Hanford project as part of an installation at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA in 2018