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Filip Markiewicz

Euro Hamlet

Fiction expérimentale | mov | couleur | 20:0 | Luxembourg, Allemagne | 2021

Euro Hamlet is the latest project of theatrical creation directed by Filip Markiewicz in August 2021 in the immense Hall of the Telux site in Weisswasser in Germany, in collaboration with playwright Katrin Michaels, Working from the original text of Hamlet, Shakespeare's most popular and disturbing play, Filip Markiewicz creates a sort of concept with Euro Hamlet. He subverts the established rules of classic theatre and combines them with different artistic forms. The result proves to be a veritable performance, both in terms of the artists appropriating the original text and the visual and audio presentation of its content in space. In this contemporary tableau, Filip Markiewicz reflects certain references from the history of art and uses the concept of the «Play Within the Play» to engage with issues in the social and political realities of today's Europe, It raises the question: how to communicate the truths of everydav life in a context that is subject to codes of appearance? The preparation for the staging of Euro Hamlet included a shooting in July 2021 with the actors Leila Lallali, Marie Jung, Luc Feit and Joran Yonis in the region of East Germany and in Zgorzelec in Poland. A "mise en abyme" of Shakespeare's text in an organic setting that bears witness to European history, where the artist adresses the notion of territory beyond the experimental nature of this reading.

Filip Markiewicz (born in 1980, Esch / Alzette, Luxembourg) is a visual artist who expresses himself through various media such as drawing, painting, music, video and installation. Filip Markiewicz represented Luxembourg at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 with the Paradiso Lussemburgo project. His long-term project Celebration Factory on contemporary Europe began in 2016 at the NN Contemporary Art Northampton and at the Theater Basel before it was continued in 2018 at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain and in 2019 at the Center for Contemporary Art Derry-Londonderry and the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. In 2017 Markiewicz staged his performance Fake Fiction with diary texts by Oskar Schlemmer (publication Hyde Éditions) at Theater Basel for the official Art Basel program. Markiewicz received the Art Prize Bourse Bert-Theis in 2019 for his art music project Ultrasocial Pop. In 2020 Markiewicz shows his monographic exhibition Ultraplastik Rhapsody at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. For the Lausitz Festival 2020, Markiewicz directed, created the scenography and composed the music for the play ANTIGONE NEUROPA (Sophocles) in collaboration with the Staatstheater Cottbus. In february 2021 Filip Markiewicz presented the performance Ultrasocial Pop in the frame of the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin. In August 2021 Markiewicz directed, created the scenography and composed the music for the installation and theater performance Euro Hamlet at the Lausitz Festival. Filip Markiewicz has been composing music for film, theater and installation under the name RAFTSIDE since 1999, with which he has also appeared in several international festivals.