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Igor Bošnjak

Future Repeats Itslef More Than History Used To

Fiction expérimentale | 4k | noir et blanc | 13:49 | Bosnie-Herzégovine | 2020

An attempt on aesthetic-technological-ideological objectivity in non-objective reality. How can we see today, the monuments of the NOB (National Liberation War), what they represent to us in the context of the new division of fashion as well as changes in paradigm and ideology in the former Yugoslavia. Is a new reading possible without a nostalgic undertone? How to think about architectural and concrete structures in the 2000s? What is the relationship between monument and human, what is the relationship between monument and unbridled nature. What is the relationship between monuments and contemporary technology and contemporary art today? How much contemporary and how much tech addiction? How to reinterpret the artifacts of the anti-fascist struggle, but so that the monument of the NOB remains at the denotative level of meaning of the monument, that new meanings do not endanger the given basic meaning, the one that is. Creating narratives as a new reading and a new "seeing" and seeing of monuments and creating new visual realities.

Igor Bošnjak (b. 1981 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) lives and works in Trebinje (Bosnia & Herzegovina). He is mainly working within the fields of contemporary art: moving images, video, installation, objects, drawing & photography. From 2009 works as a professor at Academy of Visual Arts in Trebinje, University of East Sarajevo on courses Intermedia art, Video art, Digital art. From 2019 works as visiting lecturer on Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje, University of Montenegro.