Beyond Les Rencontres Internationales, video and multimedia exhibitions are curated on the invitation of museums, biennales and art centres. They offer critical and progressive insight into areas with shifting boundaries, converging the aesthetic, social and political questions of our time, including issues related to changing modes of production and distribution.

Global Scale

House of World Cultures, Berlin, Allemagne | 3-7 juillet 2012

The 6 pieces in this exhibition constitute an anthropological study of globalisation, and of the abandonment of spaces as places. the abandonment of spaces as places. The change of visual scale produces a paradoxical reality paradoxical reality, here paralleled by a confrontation of different social realities: a critical critical and self-reflexive articulation that the artists gathered here develop through singular figures and and aesthetic forms, rooted in as many distinct realities.


Libia Castro, Ólafur Olafsson : Il Tuo Paese Non Esiste (Your Country Doesn´t Exist), 2011 | Video | hdv | colour | 00:06:00 | Spain, Iceland / Italy | 2011

Alain Declercq, Jeanne Susplugas : Civil protection | Video | hdv | colour | 00:15:44 | France / Switzerland | 2011

Peter Downsbrough : ET[ | Video | hdv | b&w | 00:09:11 | Belgium / USA | 2008

Pascal Grandmaison : Light my fiction | Video | hdv | colour | 00:27:35 | Canada | 2010

Lingjie Wang, Jingfang Hao : Flotter dans le noir | Video | hdv | colour | 00:06:23 | China / Mali, France | 2011

zitrone : MyStreet | Documentary | dv | colour | 00:12:29 | Austria / United Kingdom United Kingdom | 2010

Libia Castro and Ólafur Olafsson present the video of a performance in Venice, where a mezzo soprano on a gondola announces in several languages to Venetians and tourists "your country". mezzo soprano on a gondola announces in several languages to Venetians and tourists "your country does not exist". Alain Declercq and Jeanne Susplusgas made a series of 360 degree panoramas in underground shelters in Switzerland built in anticipation of a nuclear disaster. In " ET[-]", Peter Downsbrough analytically films an industrial complex, the short sequences could be mistaken for a propaganda film from the early 1920s. Through the mechanised eye of his lens, Pascal Grandmaison proceeds to analyse a world whose invisible part he endeavours to make visible the part of invisibility. The film is based on images taken at Coney Island, once known for its legendary once known for its legendary amusement park. To these images, he juxtaposes macroscopic macroscopic images of video game consoles. Lingjie Wang and Jingfang HAO capture the shadows and of a crowd at dusk in Mali. zitrone films a sequence of shots of a middle-class suburb in Austria, where bourgeois suburb in Austria, the closing of private spaces onto public space, with reference to the of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch.