Occasional screening

Beyond Les Rencontres Internationales, screenings are curated on the invitation of museums and art centres, art schools, movie theatres and festivals, in order to reach a different audience and contribute to the wider dissemination of the works.

Buenos Aires International Documentary Festival

Palacio Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 18-22 Sept. 2013

The FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires invites Les Rencontres International Meetings to design and present a new screening.


Carlos Irijalba : Inertia (Video, hdv, 00:04:20, color, Spain, 2012)

Myriam Yates : Racetrack Superstar Ghost (Video, hdv, 00:07:37, color, Canada, 2011)

Crispin Gurholt : Havana, Cuba (Video, hdv, 00:17:00, color, Norway / Cuba, 2012)

Sandro Aguilar: Signs Of Stillness Out Of Meaningless Things (Exp. fiction, hdv, 00:28:00, color, Portugal, 2012)

Ali Hazara: Dusty Night (Exp. Documentary, hdv, 00:20:00, color, Afghanistan, 2011)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul : Ashes (Exp. Documentary, hdv, 00:20:00, color, Thailand, 2012)