Other projects

Alongside screenings and exhibitions, some collaborations take the form of multi-disciplinary projects, conferences or panel discussions, while others take the form of ephemeral artistic presentations.

Panel discussion - Film and video art

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg | 29-30 January 2018

The Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain invites the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin to take part in a panel discussion of the cycle "Film and Video Art".

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What are the differences in presentation formats and modes of presentation of a film, whether it is shown in a cinema or a museum?
What are the expectations of the audience depending on the setting of the institution in question?
What narrative approach is taken in relation to the viewer?

During the panel discussion, these questions will be discussed among others by the invited artists, filmmakers and curators who in their daily work explore the boundaries between film and visual arts.

With Jeff Desom (artist, filmmaker, Luxembourg/Los Angeles), Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig (curators and co-founders of the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin), Bady Minck (artist, filmmaker and producer, Luxembourg/Vienna) and Eric Schockmel (video and motion designer, London/Luxembourg).