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Alongside screenings and exhibitions, some collaborations take the form of multi-disciplinary projects, conferences or panel discussions, while others take the form of ephemeral artistic presentations.

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, "Hour of Moth (Etude no. II)" - Image courtesy

Carte blanche
Speculative Cosmogonies

Romainville, France | Saturday 22 April 2023

As part of "Symbiosium, Speculative Cosmogonies", the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles invites the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin for a carte blanche at the Fiminco Foundation.

At the Fiminco Foundation

43, rue de la Commune de Paris - 93230 Romainville
Metro: Line 5 - stop Bobigny-Pantin-Raymond Queneau
From 2pm to 9pm
Free entrance

The selected works are presented continuously throughout the day, from 2pm to 9pm:

Eva L'Hoest : Under Automata
Video | 4k | black and white | 10'49'' | Belgium | 2017

Eva L'Hoest : The Inmost Cell
Video | 4k | colour | 11'8'' | Belgium | 2020

Kim Richard Adler Mejdhal : Hour Of Moth (Etude No. II)
Video installation | 4k | colour | 11'10'' | Denmark | 2020

In "Under Automata" (2017), Eva L'Hoest uses a 3D scanner to capture the sleep of passengers on a long-haul flight, transfigured by the flaws in the recording process, which leads to the hybridisation of bodies and objects. This symbiotic notion is echoed in his work The Inmost Cell (2020), which fuses human and natural worlds, rural and marine, ruins and memories. Kim Richard Adler Mejdhal's installation, Hour Of Moth (Etude No. II) (2020), also addresses a similar theme, through an ode to nature hummed by the artist - lying on the ground in a forest, accompanied by the rustling of butterfly wings. In all three of these works, the long sequences and travellings question notions of hybrid spaces and temporalities, in a dialogue with the themes of the exhibition "Symbiosium, Cosmogonies spéculatives".

Other programmes offered by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles:

From 2pm to 9pm
Exhibition "Symbiosium, Cosmogonies spéculatives"

at 2pm and 5pm
Two sessions : Symbiosium - Les Matribiotes
Duration : 1h - Reservation is required here

Activation by Angyvir Padilla of his installation Home Contains Us and Is Within Us #43 (In-Situ Creation)

Balade Hyménoptère 2.0, by Pedro Riofrio

Rituals with Microbial Ancestors, by Annemarie Maes

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