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Asa mader
La maladie de la mort
Experimental fiction | super8 | color and b&w | 38'0'' | USA / France | 2003
Inspired by and adapted from the novel of Marguerite Duras, "la maladie de la mort" examines the process of a man in his attempt to love. He finds a woman: in a hotel, in a street, in a bar, in a train. She would come. Perhaps for several days, perhaps for several weeks. She would be young, beautiful. She could be any woman. And it is her who will discover he is taken by an incurable illness, the malady of death.
ASA MADER (USA, 1975) graduated from Brown University where he created an independent degree of studies in Visual and Digital Media. In 1997, he co-founded a New York-based design studio specializing in digital and interactive media. Since 2002, Mader has been working independently as a filmmaker, sharing his time between New York and Paris. One of his early film works was awarded a Roberta Joslin Award for Excellence in Art. In September 2004, Mader directed Anna Mouglalis in his theatrical directing debut : «Heroine» based on the texts of Ovid («Les Heroides») and Marguerite Yourcenar («Feux»). Having premiered at the Festival of Ortigia, Siracusa in the Castello Maniace, the performance includes original film and video of Mader along with original music by Emmanuel Deruty. Stage and lighting design by A.J. Weissbard. In 2005, Mader directed a 52-minute docu-fiction for French television «Little Italy : Wiseguys, Bullets, Backrooms» on the disappearing mythic New York neighborhood, which led to a command for Paris-Premiere, also a 52-minute docu-fiction, this time on the neighborhood of Pigalle. ?La maladie de la mort? (2003) was his first narrative film which was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Mader is currently preparing his first feature film, to be shot in 2006.