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Marcel wesdorp
Out of Nothing
Création numérique | hdv | black and white | 125'0'' | Netherlands / | 2010

The digital film-animation Out of Nothing is the third movie from the project I Wish I Couldn`t Lie / Out of Nothing witch I Started In Spring 2005.

With the aid of digital technique, topography and 3D software I build a virtual Landscape.
This landscape is a result of calculations, nowhere higher than 300 meters and where all shades of green have been translated into a grey scale.
Time and emptiness takes an important role in the work.
Out of Nothing portraying a landscape that in surface does measures 10 kilometers square but never the less is physically inaccessible. The illusion in Out of Nothing is being emphasized by a faint heartbeat that resonates through the space. There are no humans, animals, trees or bushes within the landscape. It is reminiscent of a tundra or steppe emphasizing the insignificance and temporality of men.

I`m fascinated by how we experience time. A short stroll can seem to last for long while in reality only a short time has passed. The reversal also holds true.
The way we experience time does not necessarily rhyme with reality or the conventions of calculating time by means of mechanics. Out of Nothing has a duration of 2 hour and 5 minutes.
I Wish I Couldn`t Lie, the first movie in this triology has a duration of 4 hour an 43 minutes with no sound in it.
Marcel Wesdorp (Rotterdam, 1965) lives and works in Schiedam, the Netherlands He studied at the Graphic Lyceum and at the Academy of Art in Rotterdam. He also followed the advanced programme in photography at the St Joost Academy of Art and Design in Breda. Wesdorp makes film animations, maps and prints of digitally designed landscapes. As a viewer, you can hardly believe that the landscape you are looking at is only a virtual one. Although, in the case of Out of Nothing, it has a calculated surface area of ten kilometres by ten, the landscape cannot be entered. The illusion is reinforced by a soft heartbeat that is heard in the space. Wesdorp is fascinated by the idea of time that humans have. A walk can feel like it has lasted for hours although only a short time has actually elapsed. What happens in our heads is often not aligned to what is happening in reality, or to the common method of time measurement. The visual stroll through the virtual landscape approaches that experience. The Out of Nothing film animation is a landscape resulting from a calculation. It offers a hilly landscape that is not higher than three hundred metres, where green tints have been converted to grey. There are no people, animals, trees or bushes in the landscape. It is a tundra or steppe that emphasizes the insignificance and loneliness of humankind.