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Matthew verdon
Video | hdv | color | 11'39'' | Australia / United Kingdom | 2016
Thermoregulation is the maintenance of a particular temperature regardless of changes in the surrounding environment. This is a dynamic process responding to both external and internal stimuli. Hyperthermia is the reaction to an increased temperature where the human body produces more heat than it dissipates. The physiological effects of such a breakdown in temperature regulation can lead to the malfunctioning of other systems. Museum collections are maintained at particular environmental conditions to prolong the life of the objects they contain. Computer server farms or data centres are run at optimal temperatures to increase the efficiency of the servers that store vast quantities of information. The work highlights the role climate and temperature play in the preservation of knowledge and the maintenance of operational efficiency. Whilst each system has their ideal temperatures in terms of function and lifespan, we live in a world of climate change where thermoregulation and physiological adaptation are increasingly at stake.
Matthew Verdon was born in Brisbane, Australia, and currently lives/works in London. After completing studies in agricultural science and art, he has exhibited widely both throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.