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Mauricio freyre
Fiction | 16mm | couleur | 2'14'' | Pérou / Espagne | 2015
When does the fiction of a film start? Where do characters go when the movie is over? A story made of fragments and discarded footage from a film shooting. The camera examines the landscape of the mise-en-scène, looking for meaning in the elements that make up the picture.
Mauricio Freyre is an artist and filmmaker, graduated from Architecture and Fine Arts, based in Madrid. He uses the film medium to explore structures and systems of thought behind the constructed and projected. His projects and films have been exhibited at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Fundación Telefonica (Lima), TENT Museum (Rotterdam), W139 (Amsterdam), Nederlands Film Festival (Utrecht), FIC (Valdivia), Sunset Cinema (Luxemburg), Filmmuseum (Amsterdam), etc. He is currently a visiting teacher at The Berlage (Delft), KABK Royal Academie of Art (The Hague) and ETSAM Universidad Politècnica (Madrid).