Moving_image #13

Moving_image est un cycle de séances mensuelles de projection à la Gaîté Lyrique, un espace laboratoire de découverte et de réflexion dédié aux pratiques contemporaines de l’image en mouvement. Œuvres vidéos, filmiques et multimédias sont présentées sous forme d’abécédaire.

M as manipulation

Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France | Wednesday 4 December 2013

For the thirteenth letter of its alphabet, MOVING_IMAGE proposes to discover the look and the questioning of artists and artists and filmmakers around the notion of MANIPULATION. With the screening of 7 rare films and videos that question the extensible limit of our social beliefs, a a critical intersection between reality and fiction. With works by Daya Cahen, Gints Gabrans, Democracia, Caroline Campbell and Nina McGowan, François Bucher, Nicolas Provost, Neil Beloufa.

Daya Cahen : Birth of a Nation | Documentary, colour, 10'54'', Netherlands/Russia, 2010 Daya Cahen films girls aged 11 to 17 in a unique military school in Moscow who are learning to become learn to become ideal Russian patriots and women. Interrogating mass psychology and and indoctrination processes, she observes from a distance and superimposes different stages of the educational path. Hairdressing, cooking, ironing, marching and learning to use weapons.

Daya Cahen lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A photographer and video artist, her work has been Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the Photomuseum in The Hague, the Wiels Contemporary Art Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels and the Centre Pompidou.

Gints Gabrans : Parahypnosis | Video, colour, 6'00'', Latvia, 2007 During a collective hypnosis session during the full moon, a hypnotist explains that daylight is piercing and that a manipulation can transform the night into artificial day. daylight is piercing and that a manipulation can transform the night into artificial day. When people wake up, they feel as if they can see daylight.

Gints Gabrans lives and works in Riga, Latvia. His work has been exhibited at the Tallinn Museum of the 52nd Venice Biennale, the São Paulo Biennale, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, the Moderna Museet Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Democracia : Don't let yourself be comforted | Video, colour, 17'04'', Spain/France, 2009 For this video, Democracia collaborated with the supporters of the Girondins de Bordeaux football team. Bordeaux football team. With the introduction of political phrases, via banners and promotional objects, in the completely unusual context of a working football stadium, this piece questions the logical structure of the show.

Democracia is a collective created by Pablo España and Iván López. Their projects reflect an interest in social interest in social scenes and everyday life, marked by the growing importance of images and the images and the notion of simulacra. Democracia has been exhibited at the Havana Biennial, the Taipei Biennial Taipei Biennial and the Istanbul Biennial.

Caroline Campbell, Nina Mcgowan : Loitering Theatre | Video, colour, 4'16'', Ireland, 2012 "Loitering Theatre" uses customised iPad-controlled drones to access and film inaccessible and invisible inaccessible and invisible locations in Dublin, home to the European headquarters of Google and headquarters of Google and Facebook. The video proposes a new form of urban observation made possible by the made possible by the democratisation of surveillance tools.

Caroline Campbell and Nina Mcgowan live and work in Dublin. Nina Mcgowan studied visual arts visual arts and landscape architecture. Caroline Campbell is a member of the filmmaking collective Caroline Campbell is a member of the filmmaking collective Still Films and has studied art theory and film. Her films are shown in galleries galleries and at international festivals

François Bucher : Regina Totori | Video, colour, 6'00'', Colombia/France, 2012 This video portrays Regina, a woman who possesses what she calls "clairvoyance". Her story indirectly reveals the attempts of a secret community that has become expert in to produce paradoxical evidence of the interlocking operation of hyper-dimensional fields.

François Bucher lives and works in Berlin. Artist and writer, his work has been exhibited and screened at Documenta XII, the Whitney Museum and Lincoln Center in New York, the International Film Festival International Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Reina Sofia National Museum.

Nicolas Provost : Stardust | Exp. fiction, colour, 20'00'', Belgium/USA, 2010 "Stardust" manipulates conversations from films and background music and reintroduces them into a filmed reality reintroduces them into a filmed reality, that of individuals evolving in their daily life in Las Vegas, manipulating the viewer into constructing stories and developing characters. characters.

Nicolas Provost lives and works in New York and Brussels. His work has been exhibited at Seattle Art Museum, the Musée d'art contemporain de Strasbourg, the Venice Film Festival, the Berlinale and at the Locarno Festival.

Neil Beloufa : Sans titre | Exp. fiction, colour, 15'00'', France, 2010 A cardboard set and photographs reconstitute a luxurious Californian-style villa in Algeria. Its inhabitants, neighbours and other protagonists project themselves into it to explain why and how it would have been occupied by terrorists to hide, even though, paradoxically, it is entirely glassed-in, it is entirely glazed.

Neil Beloufa lives and works in Paris. He studied at the Beaux-arts de Paris, Ensad and Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts. His work has been exhibited at the Hammer Museum in Los Palais de Tokyo, the Lyon Biennale, the Centre Pompidou, the 55th Venice Biennale. Venice Biennale.