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Alongside screenings and exhibitions, some collaborations take the form of multi-disciplinary projects, conferences or panel discussions, while others take the form of ephemeral artistic presentations.

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NOVA_XX Biennial: Plurivers & Contingency

Paris, France | From 16 February to 27 April 2024

The NOVA_XX Biennial has invited Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig, directors of the Rencontres Internationales, to join its jury. NOVA_XX, the international biennial dedicated to artistic, scientific and technological entanglement in feminine and non-binary modes, will run from 16 February to 27 April 2024, in Paris at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, in the Île-de-France and PACA regions, and will present the work of over 40 artists.

Among the works presented in the anarkhè-exposition, several focus on cosmogonies in the liquid age, on the imaginary of the conquest of space, measuring instruments and nanoworlds, others on bio-art that measures the space of the duration of their display of non-human performativities, and still others on issues of geo-engineering and artificial intelligence. NOVA_XX also includes debates, gatherings, performances and the emergence of figures questioning the monstrous, as well as a number of sound projects designed to provoke shifts towards discontinuous and fragmented time-spaces - all of which contribute to replacing the quest for completeness, finitude and the dicible with doubt and confusion.

A constellation of invitations to branch off.

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