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Sooun Kim

Born Beneath, 2021

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 7:0 | Coree du Sud, Royaume-Uni | 2021

Born Beneath is an experimental music video and short film that utilizes mythological storytelling to explore hybridized Korean cultural identity. Sooun Kim uses multivalent footage and audio influenced by traditional Korean music, contemporary electronic music and rap to demonstrate the ways in which cultural imperialism, the long-term influence of the Korean War and Japanese colonial era has influenced his generation. His use of footage gathered from multiple sources shows the birth of a new cultural identity. An identity that is acquired through the process of exploring cultural hybridity, formed amidst instability.

Sooun Kim is a multidisciplinary visual artist working through music, painting and sculpture, more recently expanding his visual language to include video and installation. He is interested in hybrid cultures that iterate from the effects of post-colonialism and cultural imperialism. His work, Yellow Fever (2019), marked the beginning of his auto-ethnographic journey, where he collected his grandfather’s biography alongside records of historical figures to recover his personal cultural identity. Further interested in popular culture, he includes audio-visual reflections of his contemporary being as a South-Korean migrant where the past and present collide. Consciously unpredictable, Kim uses image and sound to play with viewer expectations by seducing and repulsing - genre bending to create an undefinable hybrid.