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Guy MASSAUX La selva oscura
Marian MAYLAND Untitled (A Refusal of Leave to Land)
Pablo MAZZOLO Ceniza Verde
Coppens MIERIËN, Elie Maissin La maison
Jaro MINNE Da-Dzma
Victor MISSUD La forêt de l'espace
Thomas MOHR Matters of Time
María MOLINA PEIRÓ The Sasha
Aude MOREAU Less is More or
Maria MORINA Youth Part II
Antoni MUNTADAS In Girum Revisited
Hira NABI All That Perishes at the Edge of Land
Kavich NEANG Dey thmey phlauv kouch
Warren NEIDICH, Assistant Director Ashiq Khondker Pizzagate - From Rumor To Delusion
Charly NIJENSOHN El ciclo de la intensidad
Nemanja NIKOLIC Double Noir, Sketch for one erasable plot
Rossella NISIO The Silent Ray
Christof NUESSLI Under The Skin
Christoph OERTLI Sensing Bodies
Mike OLENICK The Cure