Catalogue 2023-2024

Below, browse the 2023-2024 Rencontres Internationales catalogue, or search the archives of the works presented since 2004. New video clips are routinely posted and the images and text are regularly updated.

Lynne A. Sachs Swerve
Sunder AARTI Ghost Cut: Some Clear Pixels Amongst Many Black Boxes
Sherko ABBAS Silence Along the River
Soufiane Adel Le jour où j étais perdu
Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl Kom Så Molly
Yalda AFSAH SSRC ( Secret Society Roller Club)
Sandro AGUILAR O Teu Peso Em Ouro
Noureldin Ahmed Letters of Confinement
Peggy AHWESH, Jacqueline Goss OR119
Shahi Aj Letters Unwritten To Naiyer Masud
Monira AL QADIRI Crude Eye
Loukia ALAVANOU On the Way to Colonus
Almourad ALDEEB Flut
Vito Alfarano, Francesco Biasi THE PASSENGERS
Kamal ALJAFARI Paradiso, XXXI, 108
Alejandro Alonso, Alejandro Pérez Terranova
Udval ALTANGEREL The Wind Carries Us Home
Luís ALVES DE MATOS A Casa de Dentro Carlos Nogueira
Marta Anatra Progresso Renaissance
Carla ANDRADE Ningún río me protexe de min