Catalogue 2023-2024

Below, browse the 2023-2024 Rencontres Internationales catalogue, or search the archives of the works presented since 2004. New video clips are routinely posted and the images and text are regularly updated.

Paulius ANICAS Charming Habits
Misho ANTADZE, - Metabolism
Sol ARCHER On a bare rock by the ocean you will never hear anything but birds whose cries blend with the sound of winds
Iván Argote Levitate
Carsten ASCHMANN Sonnenland Nr. 62
Oreet ASHERY Selfish Road
Tekla ASLANISHVILI A State in a State
Sina ATAEIAN Sand Storm
Lin Htet AUNG Seeking Wombs For Rebirths
Georgy BAGDASAROV, Alexandra Morales Pro(s)thetic Dialogues
Christian BAGNAT, Elvira Sánchez Poxon Tembiapo Pyharegua
Ben BALCOM Looking Backward
Maddi BARBER, June Crespo CORE
Rita BARBOSA 2ª Pessoa
Jessica BARDSLEY Life Without Dreams
Felix Bartke, Nils Ramme Herkules
Anouch BASBOUS [ Hatef Sada ] ???? ???
Angelin BATTAIS Nanterre Personne
Kita BAUCHET Les Gestes de Saint-Louis
Yann BEAUVAIS evanescent nsw
Younès BEN SLIMANE We Knew How Beautiful They Were, These Islands