Moving_image #7

Browse information about screenings in the cycle "Moving_image, A Contemporary ABC" from October 2012 to March 2015 at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. A laboratory for discovery and reflection dedicated to contemporary practices of the moving image. Video, cinematic and multimedia works are presented as an Alphabet book.

G as Gender

Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France | Wednesday 10 April 2013

For the seventh letter of its alphabet, MOVING_IMAGE invites you to discover the view and questioning of artists around the notions of gender and identity. and questioning of artists around the notions of gender and identity. With the projection of videos by Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Jakob Gautel, Ane Lan, Cabello/Carceller, Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager, Nicolas Jenkins, Mariah Garnett, Zackary Drucker and Juliette Bineau.

Projected works

Marina Abramovic & Ulay : Imponderabilia | Video | 09' | Serbia, Italy | 1977

Jakob Gautel : Personae, 2008-10 | Video | 02' | German/French | 2008

Ane Lan : Vesta | Video | 06'13'' | Norway | 2006

Cabello/Carceller : After Apocalypse Now: Martin Sheen (The Soldier) | Video | 09'54'' | Spain | 2007

Erik Moskowitz, Amanda Trager : Queer Voice | Fiction | 05'12'' | USA | 2010

Nicolas Jenkins : New York Story | Documentary | 07' | USA | 2007

Mariah Garnett : Garbage, The City, And Death | Video | 07'31'' | USA | 2010

Zackary Drucker : Lost Lake | Fiction exp. | 08' | USA | 2010

Juliette Bineau : Pleura | Vidéo | 09'20'' | France, Brazil | 2011

In the presence of Juliette Bineau and Jakob Gautel.

Marina Abramovic and Ulay stand naked at the entrance to a museum and face each other. To enter the exhibition the exhibition, visitors have to pass between them, thus confronting their nudity. Jakob Gautel creates a self-portrait from hundreds of photos in which he wears different clothes, from the from Adam's suit to a suit and tie, from an Indonesian sarong to a winter coat, from the most public to the most to the most private outfits. Ane Lan embodies both the painter and her model, questioning the representation of women and the male gaze in classical painting. Cabello/Carceller deconstruct the masculine ideal of the anti-hero, here played by a Filipino woman, and place him/her in the original in the original locations of Francis Ford Coppola's 1970 film 'Apocalypse Now', shot in the Philippines rather than Vietnam, examining the in the Philippines and not in Vietnam, thus examining the processes of identity in this post-colonial postcolonial period. Erik Moskowitz, Amanda Trager paint a whimsical portrait of an artist-couple, responding to an invitation to "describe the queer voice". Nicolas Jenkins films Genesis P-Orridge and partner Lady Jaye as they undergo plastic surgery to eliminate their physical differences. physical differences. Mariah Garnett adapts 3 scenes from a forbidden play by Fassbinder. A couple, the prostitute and her pimp, argue about money. The roles are played by the artist and his half-sister. Zackary Drucker posits beauty and fear as inseparable elements of inseparable from the American landscape. Contemplative moments are punctuated by fragments of fragments of stories of witch hunts, crimes and psychological violence. Juliette Bineau films a androgynous utopia, declining union and separation in the form of a diptych.