The contemporary art Biennial of Cartagena de Indias invites Les Rencontres Internationales to curate 5 programmes. Entitled "Phantoms of Liberty", it gathers 16 international artists questionning the notion of individual and collective history.

"Les fantômes de la liberté"
Cathagena contemporary art Bienniale

Carthagena de indias, Colombia | 07-02 to 7-04 2014

The five modules presented aim to provide a critical perspective on the notion of individual history. individual history. The tension between individual and collective history is seen as producing an aesthetic, social and political social and political questioning of our contemporary time. Thus the moving images explore their structures and superimpositions, and discover an intermediate dimension where fiction and fiction and reality intertwine, where individual existence and communal becoming meet.


Miranda Pennell: Pourquoi le Colonel Bunny a été tué | Documentaire expérimental, hdcam, noir et blanc, 27'30'', Royaume-Uni, 2010

Chia-wei Hsu: L'histoire de l'île aux espoirs | Documentaire expérimental, hdv, couleur, 12'40'', Taïwan, 2011

Phillip Warnell: first saw the light | Film expérimental, 16mm, couleur, 12', Royaume-Uni, 2012

Freud Cinema

Stephan Lugbauer: About Me | Video, hdv, color, 10'03'', Austria, 2011

John Menick: Starring Sigmund Freud | Video, dv, color and b&w, 28', USA, 2012

Julius Ziz, Louis Benassi: Memories of an unbeaten Childhood | Experimental film, dv, color, 14'14'', Lithuania / Ireland, 2012

New fiction

Carlos Irijalba: Inertia | Video, hdv, color, 4'20'', Spain, 2012

Myriam Yates: Racetrack Superstar Ghost | Video, hdv, color, 7'37'', Canada, 2011

Nicolas Provost: Tokyo Giants | Experimental fiction, hdv, color, 22', Belgium / Japan, 2012

Crispin Gurholt: Havana | Video, hdv, color, 17', Norway / Cuba, 2012

Archi Fiction

Rob Todd: Habitat | Experimental film, 16mm, black and white, 10', USA, 2012

Karoline Georges: Repères #18-39 | Video, hdv, black and white, 8'36'', Canada, 2011

Peter Downsbrough: IN [ TO | Video, hdv, black and white, 2'47'', USA / Belgium, 2012

Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2) | Video, hdv, black and white, 20'48'', Belgium, 2013

Beyond Landscape

Mariana Vassileva: Toro | Video, dv, color, 5', Germany, 2008

Anton Ginzburg: Hyperborea | Experimental fiction, hdv, color, 45', USA / Russia, 2011